Daddenavar Hospital In Navanagar Bagalkot

A V Daddenavar Hospital is one of the best hospital in Bagalkot which has started to provide best quality care and services in Navanagar under the able guidance of well known surgeon Dr. Vikas Daddenvar and Dr. Archana Daddenavar and their team who continue to serve people of Bagalkot and surrounding rural areas. Patients are provided treatment by most trusted and highly experienced doctors in Bagalkot at affordable cost. Located in Navanagar, A V Daddenavar Hospital is in easily approachable place. Patients’ needs are taken care by humble responsible and caring staff.

As the best hospital in Navanagar, Bagalkot, we continue taking preventive measures based on the latest guidance from public health authorities to protect our patients, caregivers and staff as the COVID-19 situation evolves.
Our Expertise is recognized throughout Karnataka as the top ranked hospital in Navanagar, Bagalkot.