24/7 Emergency Service

Our hospital provides the emergency services in Bagalkot to patients with illness and injuries by experienced doctors and trained nursing staff. Level of care include from First aid to advanced life support.

General Checkup

We provide General check-up in Bagalkot which is very important as it helps to detect small problems that are developing in the body and to prevent them before they worsen. Our hospital in Bagalkot performs general check-up that includes physical evaluation and complete testing for all the vital functions of the body.

Extensive Operation Theater

Our hospital facilities, boost of advanced, highly equipped and sterile operation theaters. Strict sterile atmosphere and aseptic precautions are maintained. Our highly experienced surgeons ensure that all surgical procedures are convenient, comfortable and put you at ease.

Indoor Pharmacy

A V Daddenavar hospital provides the best pharmacy services in Bagalkot, equipped with all necessary emergency medicines. Our pharmacy includes more traditional roles such as compounding and dispensing of medications, and it also includes more modern services.

ICU Services

Our ICU provides constant care with close supervision right from life support equipment to full spectrum of
monitoring. Patient gets round the clock best quality care by a specially trained team.

Blood Bank

A V Daddenavar Blood Bank in Bagalkot involves the testing of blood specimens in order to provide blood transfusion and related services.


  • National Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
  • The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • United India Insurance Co. Ltd.